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Product Copy

The Place, 2022

“A Chlorine sanitation system is a classic and simple spa care routine. The short lifespan of Chlorine in water makes it easy to correct under sanitized water with a “Super Chlorination” treatment, or over sanitation by allowing the spa to air out. However, watch out for Combined Chlorine! CC is ineffective as a sanitizer and can cause irritation and an unpleasant smell in the spa and requires a shock treatment. With the tall 5-Way test strips included in this kit, which test for Total Chlorine as well as Free, it’s easy to know when your CC is out of balance (Total higher than Free? Shock with Renew!). For more details and custom instructions and consultations, sign up for our digital spa care class!

  • Spa 56 maintains clean, clear, sanitized water with a dichlor recipe specifically designed for hot water spa use with 56% active chlorine.
  • SERUM Total Maintenance is the signature purple liquid for keeping Hot Tub plumbing and Jets totally clean! Dose once a week for crystal clear water…”

Content Marketing

The Place, 2021

“A fireplace insert is defined as a pre-fabricated unit slid inside an existing fireplace. While gas logs or a log lighter are also “inserted” into an existing fireplace, this is not the same as a fireplace insert. Fireplace Inserts are complete units that include all the functioning parts of your fireplace, from exterior aspects like doors and surround and face to interior components like the valve and pilot light and burner.


  • You have an existing masonry or prefab fireplace
  • Your fireplace and chimney are rated for the type of fuel you wish to burn…”

Creative Writing


Untitled Project, 2019

“…The reception room is even more stuffy than before she’d sneaked away to try and gasp for air like a fish out of water. Everywhere stand the solemn individuals in dark suits and sober dresses with their shiny shoes and perfect ties or gleaming jewels. She immediately wishes to retreat back into the sanctity of that frozen room as the noise, soft sad humming of the gathered crowd hits her again, clinging and crowding her senses, heavier even than the damp oppressive air that marked her childhood.

The room is largely unfurnished, standing room only, except for one elegant overstated wood number, like some forgotten throne. Perched like a bird upon its thin embroidered cushions, dwarfed by the rising arch of carved lions rearing and even the two paws making armrests, her grandmother sits, frail and alone. 

She stares down at the old woman on the sofa, trying to summon the words she knows are her responsibility. The woman looks terrible, devoured by the life she has been forced to live. The reality that has bared itself down upon her impossibly narrow shoulders…”

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